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Note that the content of the Program Agenda below will remain, and be reformatted to accommodate our new 3-day virtual conference platform and schedule. Stay tuned for more details…

Tuesday, September 2020
Wednesday, September 2020
Thursday, October 2020

Preconference Masterclass Workshop

Best Practices to Create/ Write Effective and Impactful CI Reports and Presentations

Dave Alderman, President, Molekule Consulting
Dr. Daniel Pascheles, CEO, Molekule Consulting

An “art” and “science” exists when considering clear, concise and actionable competitive strategy report writing in the biopharmaceutical space.

Many biopharma CI reports disseminated by the Agency are overly verbose, high-level and lack the substantive actionability required for internal usage – facilitating a seamless cascade to management & leadership.

Today’s workshop will translate classical stylistic business writing techniques including those of Strunk and White to the 21st-century biopharmaceutical CI and Strategy world.

In this workshop, we will facilitate two (2) breakouts during which “raw intelligence learnings” will be synthesized and translated into actionable CI deliverables using PowerPoint writing skills and infographic design techniques.

This Workshop is facilitated by David Alderman, President of Molekule Consulting, a global competitive intelligence and strategy consultancy dedicated to the life sciences and biopharmaceutical verticals. David has deep experience from early-development to late-lifecycle management and beyond within biopharma across the competitive landscape among myriad therapy areas, players and subject matters. David is a Subject Matter Expert on the biopharmaceutical vertical; with a particular focus on competition within branded biopharma, small molecule generics and biosimilars.

Start of Day One: Welcome from the Co-Chairs and Advisory Board

Mary Ann Sarao, Director, Global Competitive Intelligence, Bayer (co-chair)
Diana Gowe, Director, Competitive Intelligence Excellence, Johnson & Johnson (co-chair)
Paul Bould, Vice President, Global Marketing Insights & Analytics, Abbott Laboratories
Ty Gould, Head, Competitive and Business Insights, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)
Stacy Keding, COO, LRL Project Management, Eli Lilly and Company
Hari Patel, Sr. Director Portfolio & Product Development, BioMarin
Indra Sethy-Coraci, Director, Immunology & Respiratory Competitive R&D Intelligence, Boehringer Ingelheim

Keynote: Innovation Trends in the New Decade

Nishta Rao, Managing Director, BioLabs@NYULangone

Presented by BioLabs@NYULangone

Keynote: CI as Usual in an Unusual Environment – Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Daniel Pascheles, CEO, Molekule Consulting

Daniel will share with the audience his learning and experiences in building and successfully leading CI teams over a time span of more than 20 years in the industry.

Topics we will cover:
• What must be in place to seamlessly transition you CI function from an environment of “business as usual” to “business as usual in an unusual environment”?
• What skills and tools need to be in place to adapt such a dramatic change of doing business?
• What processes work and what pitfalls to avoid?

The audience can expect to be able to participate actively in the “conversation” and contribute to the program

Presented by Molekule Consulting

Virtual Exhibition Hall

Luncheon Break and One-on-One Meetings

Concurrent Sessions

The Power of Activating/Leveraging Internal Company Sources & Networks for Intelligence Gathering

Presented by Pfizer

“Global” vs “Local” CI

Presented by Sanofi


New Product Planning: What do you Need to Know When?

Competitive Intelligence needs change by stage of product development.

Early in life information on disease area and other new products as well as standard of care is crucial. As you enter into the 5 years preceding launch and Phase III needs become specific: registrational benchmarks, competition in terms of market share, trial and launch strategy.

Presented by Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals

Concurrent Sessions

Driving Business Success with Powerful Primary CI

o What is primary CI’s role in shaping long term strategy?

o When and how should you adapt your CI plan to changing markets?
o What we can learn from tangible examples of primary CI’s impact on a business’s success?

Presented by Deallus

Using Machine Learning to Enrich Pharma CI and Social Media Planning

The emergence of practical, AI-based machine learning technology is a boon to pharmaceutical industry researchers and marketers.

For CI professionals, a machine learning-enabled research portal now can automatically mine and synthesize insights from all manner of documents — including industry news, scientific conference abstracts, primary and secondary market research, and even social media (screening out posts that may contain references to “adverse events”) — saving them valuable time, and zeroing in on the most relevant information needed to inform critical business decisions.

For social media planners, machine learning today can conduct a semantic analysis of keywords in social posts about a topic of interest, which yields clear guidance as to which terms have actual business relevance and are therefore worth investing in. (Consider that, on Twitter, the terms that most frequently co-occur with #cancer all have to do with astrology — #Scorpio, #Pisces, #Ascendant — which is not at all helpful to a pharmaceutical company marketing an anti-cancer drug.)

Attendees at this session will learn:
> the four essential ingredients needed to put machine learning to practical use in pharma CI
> best practices to ensure that your organization can safely use social media for research and marketing
> how one leading pharma company is employing machine learning in its CI efforts today

Presented by Northern Light

Continuous Everyday Competitive Intelligence for IP, R&D and M&A

How can strategic CI be collected from all global sources 24/7 - to summarize the big picture for management yet efficiently preserve critical details for practitioners?

Individuals and teams will take away trusted data-driven approaches to stay on top of emerging technologies & players – without the inefficient burdens of data science – for everyday curation and sharing of key metrics mined from global patents, technical literature, news, litigation, clinical content and fundraisings.

A broader appreciation will be developed for anticipating the future from available external signals. The discussion will interactively review AI, NLP and machine learning approaches that help whole organizations develop shared competitive viewpoints, while capturing nuances for experts and downstream fact-checking.

Presented by Perception Partners

Virtual Exhibition Hall

Concurrent Roundtable Discussions

How we Practice CI: Integrating Primary and Secondary Insights and Effectively Communicating Impact to Program Decisions

Presented by Seattle Genetics

Personal Development and Mentoring Relationships

Presented by Merck

The Tactical Guidebook to Impactful CI Workshops

Presented by Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Manufacturing Intelligence

Presented by ThermoFisher Scientific

Panel Discussion: Role of CI in BD Due Diligence

Presented by Amicus Therapeutics, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, and Spectrum Pharmaceuticals

One-on-One Meetings

Preconference Masterclass Workshop

Developing a Competitive Activity Framework to Enhance Organizational Competitiveness

Dr. Harshal Kubavat, Head of Strategic Consulting, INOVIS Life Sciences

This workshop session (with breakouts), will give participants first-hand insights from a combined 30+ years of experience in delivering strategic and tactical workshop-style solutions, using an optimal blend of established CI frameworks alongside INOVIS’ in-house proprietary methodologies.

Key to this session will be addressing business needs across the lifecycle, whereby participants will:
• Develop an in-depth understanding of how a diverse range of facilitated activities (Rapid Immersion, Threat Assessment and Competitor Simulations) can help deliver strategic and competitive insights within an organization
• Appreciate the importance of leveraging the outcomes of workshops to inform and direct decision making
• Receive hands-on opportunities to apply learnings to a pharma case-study in a learning environment

Using business case studies, real-life experiences and validated theory, the INOVIS team will equip you with a number of go-to techniques that can be rapidly integrated into ongoing CI Practice, whether you’re a seasoned CI professional veteran, or newer to the field.

Welcome and Re-Cap of Day One

Keynote: Megatrends in Healthcare

Dr. Alfred Reszka, Chief Business Officer, Lifescience Dynamics

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

Keynote: Late Life Cycle Management (LLCM): The Strategic Value of Generic & Biosimilar CI In Life Sciences

Dr. Baljit Singh, Managing Director and Partner, INOVIS, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Division (formerly Director, Integrated Insights, Novartis)

This session will provide insights and highlight best practices to enable LLCM value and asset maximization by leveraging a number of tools unique to CI professionals.

Specifically this presentation will enable you to:
• Advance your understanding of core Gx/biosimilar market dynamics and corresponding CI solutions
• Set up a best-in-industry Gx/biosimilar regulatory intelligence (RI) and CI tracking program
• Understand Gx / biosimilar product development and entry strategies

Presented by INOVIS

Virtual Exhibition Hall

Luncheon Break and One-on-One Meetings

Concurrent Sessions


Right Sizing Your CI Efforts

What can you do when your client wants to know everything and your resources (time, budget, headcount, secondary services) are thin.

If you have an abundance of resources, is deep analytics the right answer? Ms. Saraos has led large CI programs at Roche/Genentech, consulted with various small non-commercialized biotechs, and is now at medium-sized biopharma, Jazz Pharmaceuticals. She will share her perspective on different ways to think about right sizing CI efforts that build trust and confidence with key stakeholders. Ms. Saraos will share types of bad behavior and lessons learned on how to get to a healthy CI place.

Presented by Jazz Pharmaceuticals


Global Competitive Framework

Presented by Janssen


Collecting Primary CI Best Practices Post COVID

Presented by Momenta Pharmaceuticals

Concurrent Sessions


The Forgotten Pharma CI Corner; Cost of Goods (COGs) Intelligence

With the CAR-T and gene therapy revolutions, biosimilar/biobetter challenges to long established biologic innovators and a surge in vaccine innovation, manufacturing and supply chain intelligence is rising in its importance. In 2014 Dig Worldwide developed and introduced COGIntel, a quick, robust and cost effective COGs benchmarking solution.

Technical Cost Modelling (TCM), a method developed at MIT in the 1980’s has long been the gold standard in benchmarking cost-of-goods sold which is time and resource intensive with a limited shelf-life. Although not as precise as TCM, Dig Worldwide’s bespoke COGIntel method allows rapid and cost effective COG benchmarking analysis that provides “good enough” competitive intelligence for strategic decision making. Performance gaps and areas of advantage or disadvantage become visible verses forgotten.

An illustrative CAR-T case study will form an integral part of the talk to help illustrate Dig Worldwide’s methodology.

Presented by Dig Worldwide


Conferences in the Time of COVID

Presented by Proactive Worldwide


2020 Strategic Imperatives in Competitive Intelligence: Maintaining CI’s 20/20 Focus During a Pandemic Year

Competitive intelligence (CI) is fundamental to ensuring the success of pharmaceutical companies, whether they are planning to launch a new drug or already have an established presence in the market. Alongside research and development, CI is crucial to businesses that want to maximize the value of their science.

Presented by Prescient Healthcare Group

Virtual Exhibition Hall

Concurrent Sessions


When Technology Alone Doesn’t Cut It: Human Curation in Social Media Listening

Explore opportunities, challenges, and value associated with expert curated social listening for CI teams

Case Study Analysis:
• KOL Mapping – Identify and rank oncologists on Twitter
• Sentiment Analysis – Capture and curate reactions to scientific news
• Contextualize Conference Activity – Visually represent activity related to high-impact data release

Presented by The Larvol Group


Pharma in the AI Era: How AI Advancements will Impact Pharma Professionals

AI is finding its way into many facets of the pharma sector, from drug development to diagnosis and even patient care.

By increasing productivity and efficiency, these advancements will enable healthcare systems to provide better care to more patients.
Join this session to learn:
The current state of AI and how it will evolve in the near future
How these technologies are already impacting the pharma professional’s day-to-day
How advancements in AI will impact the pharma industry long term

Presented by AlphaSense

Panel Discussion: Insights into New Product Planning and Decision Making

Presented by AbbVie, Bayer Healthcare, Novartis Oncology, Taiho Oncology, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals

One-on-One Meetings

Welcome and Re-Cap of Day Two

Keynote: Insights From Inside Novartis, Roche, and Atacana – How to Exponentially Grow Your Competitive Intelligence (And Insights) Career

Salvador Carlucci, Director Competitive Intelligence & Strategy, Atacana Group

Attention: Competitive Intelligence and Insights Managers. We've uncovered a 'bridge strategy' that almost nobody knows about.

This strategy has the ability to grow your career faster than anything else you’ve ever seen before.

My name is Salvador Carlucci and I’m the former Global Head of Competitive Intelligence at both Roche and Novartis. With the help of talented team members, we built two of the largest CI teams in the pharmaceutical industry.

Most recently, with an experienced team of pharma executives, we built Atacana, one of the fastest-growing Competitive Intelligence and Strategy agencies in the pharmaceutical industry.

So, what is this secret ‘bridge strategy’ and how can you use it to grow your career?
Simple, come to this talk to learn:

1. The one thing your stakeholder (client) really cares about

2. How to increase your CI resources (budget, headcounts, salary, promotion)

3. How to develop high impact and valuable solutions

In this presentation, I’ll share a fresh framework and approach that is generating a level of success that I never expected. Filled with inspirational stories and practical advice, make sure not to miss this presentation.

Presented by Atacana Group

Virtual Competitive Simulation (‘War-Games’) in a Covid World

Rafaat Rahmani, President, Lifescience Dynamics

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

Concurrent Sessions


Virtual Scenario Planning using Rapid Scenario Generation Tools and Techniques

Presented by Fletcher/CSI


Improving Our Predictions in the Clinical Trial Landscape Using a COVID-19 Case Study

Presented by Ozmosi

Virtual Exhibition Hall

Luncheon Break and One-on-One Meetings

Concurrent Sessions


Importance of CI for Emerging to Mid-size Pharma

Presented by Amneal Pharmaceuticals


Federal Policy Changes & COVID Stimulus Packages: Where Did Your Disease Go?

• Overview of policy changes that have had the most influence on site of care

• How has it changed care management? Some examples
• Who are the new/emerging voices that should be part of your new intelligence plan?

Presented by Summit Therapeutics

Concurrent Roundtable Discussions


Using Internal Social Media Tools to Enhance Conference Coverage

Presented by REGENXBIO


Collecting Primary CI Best Practices Post COVID

Presented by Biogen

The Evolution of CI Groups

Presented by Eli Lilly

Virtual Exhibition Hall

Panel Discussion: How CI Impacts Decisions from a Quantitative Perspective, Driven by Primary CI

Presented by
Atara Biotherapeutics, Daiichi Sankyo, and Roche Diagnostics

Closing Remarks from the Co-Chairs and Advisory Board

A panel of CI Leaders from the following companies:

Presented by Presented by Abbott Laboratories, Bayer Consumer Health, BioMarin, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly and Company, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

One-on-One Meetings

“COVID-conscious” Guidelines Distributed in Detail On-site but Includes:

• Use of masks required: Please bring your own if preferred, but masks and hand sanitizer will also be provided.
• Greetings should be socially distanced: no handshakes, hugs, or kisses, etc.
• Meeting space will accommodate more spacing between attendees.
• The hotel experience will be entirely revamped with specific cleaning protocols.

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