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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Thursday, September 23, 2021
Friday, September 24, 2021

Registration and Networking Breakfast

Developing a Competitive Activity Framework to Enhance Organizational Competitiveness

Dr. Harshal Kubavat, Head of Strategic Consulting, INOVIS Life Sciences

This workshop session (with breakouts), will give participants first-hand insights from a combined 30+ years of experience in delivering strategic and tactical workshop-style solutions, using an optimal blend of established CI frameworks alongside INOVIS’ in-house proprietary methodologies.

Key to this session will be addressing business needs across the lifecycle, whereby participants will:
• Develop an in-depth understanding of how a diverse range of facilitated activities (Rapid Immersion, Threat Assessment and Competitor Simulations) can help deliver strategic and competitive insights within an organization
• Appreciate the importance of leveraging the outcomes of workshops to inform and direct decision making
• Receive hands-on opportunities to apply learnings to a pharma case-study in a learning environment

Using business case studies, real-life experiences and validated theory, the INOVIS team will equip you with a number of go-to techniques that can be rapidly integrated into ongoing CI Practice, whether you’re a seasoned CI professional veteran, or newer to the field.

Networking Lunch

Best Practices to Create/ Write Effective and Impactful CI Reports and Presentations

Dave Alderman, President, Molekule Consulting
Dr. Daniel Pascheles, CEO, Molekule Consulting

An “art” and “science” exists when considering clear, concise and actionable competitive strategy report writing in the biopharmaceutical space.

Many biopharma CI reports disseminated by the Agency are overly verbose, high-level and lack the substantive actionability required for internal usage – facilitating a seamless cascade to management & leadership.

Today’s workshop will translate classical stylistic business writing techniques including those of Strunk and White to the 21st-century biopharmaceutical CI and Strategy world.

In this workshop, we will facilitate two (2) breakouts during which “raw intelligence learnings” will be synthesized and translated into actionable CI deliverables using PowerPoint writing skills and infographic design techniques.

This Workshop is facilitated by David Alderman, President of Molekule Consulting, a global competitive intelligence and strategy consultancy dedicated to the life sciences and biopharmaceutical verticals. David has deep experience from early-development to late-lifecycle management and beyond within biopharma across the competitive landscape among myriad therapy areas, players and subject matters. David is a Subject Matter Expert on the biopharmaceutical vertical; with a particular focus on competition within branded biopharma, small molecule generics and biosimilars.

Masterclasses Conclude/Virtual Sessions Begin

Life Cycle Situations and Patents (VIRTUAL)

Presented by EMD Sereno

Driving Growth through Licensing and Acquisitions (VIRTUAL)

Presented by Harpoon Therapeutics


Presented by Relpysa

Virtual Sessions Conclude

Registration & Networking Breakfast in Exhibition Hall

Chairpersons’ Opening Remarks

Presented by Bayer and Johnson & Johnson

Keynote: Using the DrugOme™ – Translating Analytics to Action

Initiated about 5 years ago, Sumitovant's Computational Research and Analytics team has continued the expansion of an analytic ecosystem developed to solve strategic pharma questions.

We call this ecosystem the DrugOme™. The DrugOme™, supports analyses for the strategic decisions of many groups in a therapeutic area agnostic way across all phases of drug development, from discovery through commercialization. We discuss the challenges involved in translating technology-driven insight into action across many groups in many companies and across all phases of drug development.

Presented by Sumitovant Biopharma

Keynote: How to Build a Successful and Sustainable CI Function

Dr. Daniel Pascheles, CEO, Molekule Consulting

Daniel will share with the audience his learnings and experiences in building and leading successfully several CI teams over a time span of more than 20 years in the industry.

Topics we will cover:
• What are the 10 “commandments” to build a successful CI team
• What is needed to make the CI team relevant and impactful for a company
• How to recruit the best CI talent into the department and retain them

The audience can expect to be able to participate actively in the “conversation” and contribute to the program.

Presented by Molekule Consulting

Refresh and Connect in Exhibition Hall

Keynote: Executive Level Boardroom Discussions

Presented by Abbott Laboratories, Bayer Consumer Health, BioMarin, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly and Company, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and Novartis

“Ask the Experts” Interactive Breakout Groups

Explore and capture the power of participants’ insights and experiences in a fun and informal environment.
BD Assessments - Best Practices

Presented by Shionogi

CI for Rare Diseases and Gene Therapy

Presented by REGENXBIO

Manufacturing Intelligence

Presented by ThermoFisher Scientific

Networking Luncheon

Idea Labs: Gain New Perspectives


CI and Execution: Leading High Growth Pharma Brands

“A mediocre strategy well executed is better than a great strategy poorly executed”

Launching a new product is exciting and intense, but transitioning a product from launch to growth requires endurance and deliberation. Furthermore, scaling requires leaders who understand the role of competitive intelligence and how to manage the increased organizational and business complexity of growth.

Having supported numerous blockbuster brands, we have identified three frameworks to help brand leaders achieve high growth. The frameworks are:
• Leading high growth
• Competitive Prioritization Assessment
• Competitive readiness

In this talk, we will introduce the three frameworks. Additionally, we will share how the CI professional can have a greater impact on high-growth brands by shifting focus from strategy to execution.

Presentation attendees will receive a copy of the article “Leading High Growth Ventures” from Harvard Business Publishing. We look forward to seeing you there!

Presented by Atacana Group


Gaining Competitive Edge through Pipeline Optimization

We will focus on how to remain competitive in the pharma industry today, by showcasing examples of two ‘hot’ novel therapies and highlighting the importance of innovation and maintaining a diversified early pipeline. We will also share the perspectives of pioneers we have interviewed in this field and discuss how CI can help map the white space.

Presented by Cambridge Healthcare Research


Social Media for CI

Social media marketing as a platform was typically underutilized by pharmaceutical companies.

Over the last several years, pharmaceutical companies have embraced social media as a marketing, messaging, and brand awareness tool to reach both patients and physicians. Beyond company driven content, evangelists / KOLs, and the public at large can also contribute to the conversation on products, brands, and opinions that may impact patient / physician sentiment or adoption of a new drug. As a result, social media platforms offer a significant amount of secondary intelligence that can be leveraged to better understand company and product strategies.

Presented by Proactive Worldwide

Think Tanks: Learning Environment

The Forgotten Pharma CI Corner; Cost of Goods (COGs) Intelligence

With the CAR-T and gene therapy revolutions, biosimilar /biobetter challenges to long established biologic innovators and a surge in vaccine innovation, manufacturing and supply chain intelligence is rising in its importance.

In 2014 Dig Worldwide developed and introduced COGIntel a quick, robust and cost effective COGs benchmarking solution.

Technical Cost Modelling (TCM) , a method developed at MIT in the 1980’s has long been the gold standard in benchmarking cost-of-goods sold which is time and resource intensive with a limited shelf-life. Although not as precise as TCM, Dig Worldwide’s bespoke COGIntel method allows rapid and cost effective COG benchmarking analysis that provides “good enough” competitive intelligence for strategic decision making. Performance gaps and areas of advantage or disadvantage become visible verses forgotten.

An illustrative CAR-T case study will form an integral part of the talk to help illustrate Dig Worldwide’s methodology.

Presented by Dig Worldwide

Enriching Pharma CI With Expertly Curated Content and Digital Tools: An ASCO 2021 Case Study

• Data overwhelm challenge pharma teams are facing

• Information management from public domain: sifting through the ‘noise’
• Using the hybrid of technology and human touch to create successful outcomes
• Case study: ASCO2021

Presented by LARVOL

Pharma in the AI Era: How Advancements in Research Are Impacting CI Professionals

The Future of AI is here and rapidly advancing through many facets of the pharma sector.

From target identification and drug development to patient diagnosis and even to patient care, CI professionals need to be able to keep up with the increasing pace of business and ever-expanding competitive landscape. Through advancements in research, CI professionals can better understand the vast amount of patient, research, and diagnostic data to make better investment decisions.

Join this session to learn:
• How to leverage the building blocks of Natural Language Processing and Machine learning to drive forward offerings in Sentiment Analysis, thematic and KPI extraction, and enterprise knowledge management
• How these technologies are already impacting the pharma professional’s day-to-day
• How advancements in AI will impact the pharma industry long term and may reshape the duties of a Competitive Intelligence team

Presented by AlphaSense

Refuel & Rejuvenate in Exhibition Hall

Leadership Insight: Case Studies


Challenges in Pre-Launches and New Product Planning

Presented by Surface Oncology


CAR-T Cell Therapy Market

Primer plus how to cover cell therapy because of its vastness, volume of unknowns and also evolving needs of the company

Presented by Atara Biotherapeutics


Evolving Analytics Capabilities and their Application

Presented by Myovant Sciences

Engage in High Level Debate and Discussion

Licensing, Partnering and Strategic Initiatives

Presented by Amicus Therapeutics, Daiichi Sankyo, Roche Diagnostics, Saol Therapeutics, and Spectrum Pharmaceuticals

Insights into New Product Planning and Decision Making

Presented by AbbVie, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Taiho Oncology, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Evening Reception & Networking

Registration & Networking Breakfast in Exhibition Hall

Chairpersons’ Opening Remarks

Presented by Bayer and Johnson & Johnson

Keynote: Systems of Thinking and Influencing your Stakeholders

Dr. Alfred Reszka, Chief Business Officer, Lifescience Dynamics

Presented by Lifescience Dynamics

Keynote: Late Life Cycle Management (LLCM): The Strategic Value of Generic & Biosimilar CI In Life Sciences

Dr. Baljit Singh, Managing Director and Partner, INOVIS, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Division (formerly Director, Integrated Insights, Novartis)

This session will provide insights and highlight best practices to enable LLCM value and asset maximization by leveraging a number of tools unique to CI professionals.

Specifically this presentation will enable you to:
• Advance your understanding of core Gx/biosimilar market dynamics and corresponding CI solutions
• Set up a best-in-industry Gx/biosimilar regulatory intelligence (RI) and CI tracking program
• Understand Gx / biosimilar product development and entry strategies

Presented by INOVIS

Refresh and Connect in Exhibition Hall

Case Histories: Sharing Experiences and Expertise

Transformation of Ipsen’s CI Function

Presented by Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals

How to use Competitive Intelligence to Influence Decisions and Drive Impact

Presented by Ionis Pharmaceuticals


Presented by Intercept Pharma (invited)

Idea Labs: Gain New Perspectives

Leveraging AI to Evaluate the Commercial Impact of Competitive Developments

Presented by Sentieo

Closing the Loop...Coming Full Circle with Your CI

Clinical and commercial intelligence are common components of monitoring programs; however, market access intelligence is often overlooked.

Given “price” is one of the four P’s of marketing along with product, place and promotion it is essential to include this component into integrated monitoring in order to make fully informed strategic and tactical decisions. While understanding market access intelligence is critical in markets with multiple competitors such as diabetes, respiratory ailments and multiple sclerosis, it is of increasing importance in oncology, biosimilars, mature brands and even rare disease spaces.

In this presentation we will discuss:
• What is market access intelligence?
• Reasons why market access intelligence is often not fully investigated
• The impact of FDAMA 114 passage on drug and device manufacturer communications with payers, formulary committees and similar entities
• Examples of market access intelligence such as
o Rebating, price protection and other terms negotiated by payers
o Value based agreements
o Clinical and economic messaging to payers
• Use of organizational benchmarking for market access account teams, field reimbursement managers, HEOR teams and patient assistance program support personnel
• How leveraging national provider identification numbers can enhance intelligence collection and benchmarking for competitor patient support services
• Use of near real-time claims adjudication to deliver insights

Presented by Healthcare Intelligence and Analytics

New Players and Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Development

Presented by Ozmosi

Best Practices and Insights

Leveraging Scenario Planning to Drive Competitor and Market Monitoring Programs

Scenario Planning session are most often used to identify strategy options and set direction. An additional output from the scenario planning session can be indicator paths.

These paths present the changes that must occur for an event to happen, which can then drive competitor and market monitoring. The session will explore how to build an indicator pathway, identify key events along the pathway, and determine specific responses to events. Making the most of the scenario planning results and the indicator pathways also includes building a monitoring system to alert when an indicator event is about to happen and a response for when that event happens. The session will cover processes used to identify what indicators should be monitored, how to monitor, the importance of adjustability within the monitoring program, and how to prepare fast response for when the event occurs

Presented by Fletcher/CSI

Leveraging Technology and AI to achieve Integrated Insights

o Technology and AI are increasingly disrupting the Competitive Intelligence space by enabling integration of disparate data – primary and secondary, structured and unstructured, qualitative and quantitative – and providing holistic, integrated and actionable insights.

o Technology is also enabling democratization of data and insights through self-service and collaboration platforms, thus enabling CI teams to provide more impact.

Presented by Datazymes and The Dunn Group

Strategic Intelligence in an Agile World

• How do strategic and competitive intelligence need to adapt to drive value in a more agile world?

• What are the opportunities for the CI function in such a dynamic market? How can these opportunities be realized?
• What can CI functions and managers do to ensure their intelligence continues to drive value, growth, and strategy?

Presented by Deallus

Networking Luncheon

“Ask the Experts” Interactive Breakout Groups

Explore and capture the power of participants’ insights and experiences in a fun and informal environment.
BD Assessments - Best Practices

Presented by Shionogi

CI for Rare Diseases and Gene Therapy

Presented by REGENXBIO

Manufacturing Intelligence

Presented by ThermoFisher Scientific

Panel Discussion: Post-Pandemic Trends

Presented by Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Sanofi, and Verona Pharma

Advisory Board Re-Cap and Closing

Presented by Abbott Laboratories, Bayer Consumer Health, BioMarin, Boehringer Ingelheim, Eli Lilly and Company, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and Novartis

Conference Concludes

“COVID-conscious” Guidelines Distributed in Detail On-site but Includes:

• Use of masks required: Please bring your own if preferred, but masks and hand sanitizer will also be provided.
• Greetings should be socially distanced: no handshakes, hugs, or kisses, etc.
• Meeting space will accommodate more spacing between attendees.
• The hotel experience will be entirely revamped with specific cleaning protocols.

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